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Aiden and Hisir the twins of Grillby and Muffet
Aiden(the left) and Hisir (the right) Grillby and Muffet got together after a few months the twins were born bringing home Grillby's older children from his past relationship Ember and Heats Flamesmen. Also many of Muffet's extended family.

Aiden: Aiden is female, she wears 2 pairs of glasses and has a strong violet flame, her soul color is Perseverance(purple). Aiden is the godchild of Toriel and Mettaton. She is a petite 4ft 11in, she is 17 and is like Grillby when socializing she can talk but does it in small doses. Aiden is into goth-metal she also is closer to Grillby of her parents. Aiden adore all 3 of her siblings Ember,Heats, and Hisir. Aiden is besties with Monster kid, Sans she has pranked with Frisk her other bestie and the crush of Hisir. Aiden likes Impact/Calbri/Trajan(She is Undertale/Underswap/Underfell). Aiden also composes death metal and admires Mettaton. She loves cooking with her parents and stargazing with her siblings. Aiden and Hisir have a fashion line called Spidfire, Aiden is a singer who also likes to play bass and drums with her 6 arms she can be her own band. She often will play with her siblings for fun at Muffet and Grillby's for customers. Her parents collaborated on the family restaurant. Aiden is called Den by friends or Addy by family. Aiden will be called her full name if she is too shy or in her room. Aiden tends to freak out seeing her crush and only will talk when her parents or Mettaton give her monster candy. Aiden is often seen with her siblings Ember and her are thick as thieves and often do sisterly things. Heats teaches the twins how to fight and play music. Heats and Aiden like simular bands one in fact is Aiden, Metallica, Hawthorne Hieghts, Fallout Boy, and 3 Days Grace they like countless others but they tend to be bonded by music. Aiden's fear is water. Aiden's theme:'Tokio Hotel; When Love is Dead'
Hisir:Hisir is all male he tends to keep a close eye on Aiden to the point he placed a tracking device on her glasses that he will view on his chain mini tv. Hisir has a red orange flame that resembles his father and has a blend of his parents personalities. Hisir is 17 and an amusing 5ft 3in as he and his beloved twin are tiny but deadly.Hisir has the rare soul color of Determination(Red). Hisir is the Godson of Sans and his elder sister Ember. Hisir has a nickname Hiss which family or extended family use. Hisir looks up to all his family and finds his twin Aiden to be his rock. Heats and Hisir train together also explore the dump and Hotland the brothers often write a comic zine and work in the band they formed with their sisters. Ember helps Hisir and Aiden design clothes and talk of thier crushes. Hisir swears due to Sans and Heats. Hisir is friends with Napstablook, Chara and Monster Kid. Hisir is hopelessly in love with Frisk and the two are friends as Hisir is afraid of Sans beating him up if he ask Frisk out. Hisir often will organise his and Aiden's study and playroom. The pair love Harry Potter, Naruto, Team Rocket and tend to admire each other. Hisir's fear is that he will be forgotten. Hisir's theme:'3oh!3; DONTTRUSTME'

They will be featured on my Wattpad GothicFrisk soon.
If any want to collaborate for comics and voices message me
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Whatever winter mode. #flipagram #TheWeeknd created using @flipagram .


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I tend to work on wattpad doing fanfic of many genre and I do crossovers it is GothicFrisk. I also roleplay on you are a roleplayer on the site ask my account links. I dabble in jewelry making, sketching, making my own art and doing various crafts. I freehand draw my own characters, I take photos of things I like. I do cosplay and larp when I want I will post pics when I can. I am a free spirit and trust those who trust me. Most call me Jessi and I tend to like adventure!


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